90 Rivonia Road

Ocon Brick, one of South Africa’s leading manufacturers of clay stock bricks, was appointed to supply the bricks for the 90 Rivonia Road development in Sandton, Johannesburg. This prestigious development is the new home for a leading law firm.

Group Five Site Agent, Khaya Mpetha said “We chose Ocon Brick not only because of the quality of their product, but also due to their clay stock bricks offering an environmentally friendly low carbon footprint to the project, which is becoming an increasingly important factor when new projects are being planned”.

“Construction on this project started in November 2013, and will be completed in September 2015. To date (May 2015) some 2,053 clay stock bricks have been delivered by Ocon Brick, who have proved to be exceptionally reliable in terms of delivery and assistance” said Mpetha.

“We are pleased to be of service to Group Five, who are a long standing client of ours. We tendered on this project and believe our ability to deliver the quantity of clay stock bricks required, and at a competitive pricing, is what enabled us to secure this contract. The total amount of bricks we will be supplying is 2.1 million clay stock bricks. A major challenge to us is the limited delivery space and the heavy traffic flow through Rivonia Road, but so far, we have managed to circumvent these issues” said Lucas Steyn, Sales Representative for Ocon Brick.

Ocon Brick clay stock bricks offer many advantages and benefits over alternative brick products. They are naturally fire resistant; offer greater longevity, durability and strength. In addition to their low carbon footprint advantage, they also offer low water absorption and good acoustic properties and a superior thermal insulation benefit.


Technical specifications of the clay stock bricks are:

  • Brick strength of an average 21 MPa
  • 11% water absorption
  • An efflorescence of nil to slight
  • 220 mm x 100 mm x 70 mm dimension
  • An average mass of 2.6 kg

Mariana Lamont, Ocon Brick’s Regional Sales Manager commented “In January this year, we manufactured on average some 876 000 bricks per day. All Oconbrick clay stock bricks are subjected to stringent quality testing. Oconbrick have their own on-site laboratory to test for: size, efflorescence, water absorption, shrinkage and compressive strength. The carbon content of the bricks gets tested on an hourly basis with a carbon determinator. Random selections of clay stock bricks are sent to an external laboratory for SANS 227 compliance testing on a monthly basis”.

Ocon Brick were recently awarded their seventh PMR Gold Arrow Award for excellence in product range and quality; reputation management, pricing; environmentally friendly solutions and sustainable development practices as well as reliable delivery and customer service.