Ocon Brick Quality

An internal quality assurance programme is entrenched in the Ocon Brick manufacturing process and management systems. Exceeding recognised local and international standards, regular audits of procedures, controls and records are undertaken by independent bodies.

Ocon Brick clay bricks exceed the minimum specifications of standards authorities with respect to brick strength, water absorption, efflorescence and dimensional stability.

More about Clay Bricks

For centuries clay stock bricks have proved to be timeless and durable and were used in ancient architecture that has stood the test of time. Unlike stone or timber, clay stock bricks are a practical construction solution that requires minimum of skills and tools. Real clay is classic, contemporary and its applications are only limited by imagination. In colour, texture, strength and permanence it has no equal.

Ocon Brick adds true value for money to every project through a process that produces bricks of consistent quality and shape and are able to meet market needs with any volume of bricks whether the project is a small residential or a high volume commercial development.

You can rest assured that because your most valuable asset is made from the longest lasting material it will be handed down to future generations!

Useful Information

Standard Size: 220mm long x 100mm wide x 70mm high
How many bricks in a wall?: Single skin 106mm wide Approximately 52 bricks per m2
Weights and transport loads: One clay stock brick weighs approximately 3kg 1000 clay stock bricks weigh more than 3 tonne Load for 1 Ton Bakkie: Less than 250 bricks Packed bricks: ONE PALLET = 500 bricks